Flea And Tick

Spring and summer 2016 are promising to be one of the nastiest tick seasons ever. Ticks in and of themselves are a nuisance, but the diseases that they can carry can result in deadly effects. It’s important to let you know that in addition to Lyme disease, ticks can carry many other diseases that could prove to be deadly for your pets. There’s simply no way for pet owners to tell if a tick is carrying disease or not, but it only takes one tick bite to infect your dog. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we carry plenty of products that kill and prevent fleas. Some are oral. Some are topical. Some also kill and repel biting flies, mosquitoes and mites. And all are available here at Bay Pines Veterinary Clinic. Call (231-347-4552) or stop in to our clinic. We’ll just need your pet’s current weight for proper dosing. There is no one product that’s perfect for all situations, but in talking to you and discovering your wants and needs, we can guide you to the best product for your pet.

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