Cold Laser

Cold Laser treatment is now being offered to our Bay Pines and Lake Street Veterinary patients.
Cold laser therapy is used on cats and dogs for a multitude of reasons. It can treat pain and swelling and speeds up healing in muscles, tendons, skin, and other soft tissues. Secondly It has been used to reduce the amount of bacteria in affected areas. Finally, it also has been used as an alternative to needles in acupuncture treatments.

Common conditions that cold laser therapy is used to treat include muscular injuries, tendonitis, post-surgery sites, lesions from excessive licking, open wounds, and arthritis. Cold laser therapy won’t cure arthritis, but should help reduce pain and swelling and increase your pet’s range of motion.

How It’s Done
The laser is applied directly to the skin or near the skin if contact with the skin is too painful. The duration and intensity of the laser varies depending on what is being treated and how deep into the tissue the laser needs to go. There is no need for the fur to be clipped or for the dog to be sedated.

There are no side effects from using the laser, according to the Vets at Bay PInes and Lake Street Veterinary Clnics.

Treatment lenghts can vary and one of our vets will establish your pet’s best course of treatment. Generally we will give your dog multiple treatments the first week, and then you’ll be asked to return with your dog for treatments once a week or month until the condition is cured.

How It Works
A laser beam is made of photons, which are absorbed by the cells that are not functioning properly. The photons speed up the reproduction of healthy new cells by increasing the action of ATP (adenosphine triphosphate), a molecule that carries energy in the cells. The increased action in the ATP speeds up cellular function, which allows the cells to take in nutrients faster and get rid of wastes sooner.

The laser also affects the fluid and cartilage in the joints, which helps decrease pain and swelling.

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